‘National culture gains worldwide distinction only when the values developed in it become the property of all mankind’ 


We hope we will combine our efforts to create works of art that will find their way to the heart  and mind of its contemporaries and will be demandable and relatable to the spirit of the times.


To Art Patrons and Sponsors

In Russia charity and philanthropy have a long tradition. Since the end of the XVIII century Russian art patrons have actively patronized art and science, built libraries, museums, theaters. Apart from members of the royal family - Empresses Ekaterina I, Maria Feodorovna, and Elizabeth Alexeievna, Counts Nikolai Sheremetev and Alexander Stroganov – a huge contribution to the development of Russian philanthropy was made by merchants. Glorious names of Savva Morozov, Pavel Tretyakov, and Savva Mamontov are well-known not only in Russia, but also all around the world. These people were mainly driven by generosity, selflessness, love for the motherland and the arts.

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"Та , что была прекрасной Омийер" / "La Belle qui fut heaulmière"

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